Welcome to kureen.co.uk, a website devoted to bringing you the best videos, interviews, reviews, enlightening info, podcasts, music and art!

Too often what people are told or shown in and by the media is little more than spurious propaganda plucked from invented fantasy. Like some school yard lie, if it’s said loudly enough and often enough eventually it becomes ‘fact’.

With the power of suggestion coming from all angles, it can be more effortless to consume without questioning, after all what’s the alternative?

Our pledge at kureen.co.uk is to steer clear of those falsehoods and half-truths, providing visitors to the site with a clear, concise and honest viewpoint written without bias or dishonest motives.

Whether it’s reviews, charitable concerns or random titbits about general life, kureen.co.uk won’t pull any punches in giving you the full 411 without drifting into a sycophantic pamphlet under the guise of ‘news’.

Enjoy the website, get involved and spread the word!

I love you all.

Dom Kureen.

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