Album Review: Black Keys – Turn Blue

A spate of high-profile album releases has seen the UK chart summit change hands with frequency this month, one of those to sit atop the pile briefly was The Black Keys‘ ‘Turn Blue.’ Dom Kureen investigates…

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For their latest album, Midwestern dyad, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, A.K.A ‘The Black Keys’, enlisted the assistance of production guru Danger Mouse, widely acknowledged as the driving force behind the blues-rockers’ seminal LP ‘El Camino’ in 2011.

With that in mind, it was perhaps inevitable that the seven-time Grammy award winning Keys’ eighth studio album would carry expectations of further unremitting expansion – a fact not lost in the shuffle of construction, with heavy doses of hitherto scarce psychedelic punctuation serving as a thread from whence to bind the eleven-track composite.

The turbulent spirit of inaugural ditty ‘Weight of Love’ serves as a mouth-watering aperitif, with intricate guitar looming atop a sorbet of unpredictable percussion.

Continuing that alluring trend, the initial decadence of ‘In Time’ soon transforms into a breakneck voyage through unlikely dimensions, carrying a whiff of early ‘White Stripes’ towards its denouement.

Other stand-out morsels arrive in the shape of raw title track ‘Turn Blue’ and the album’s most elegant gift, ’10 Lovers,’ the former of which struggled to make an impact on the French and American singles billboards earlier this year.

Full of serenades to happier times, this latest slice of idiosyncratic inventiveness from Ohio’s finest export since Halle Berry gratifyingly vanquishes any pre-issue apprehension devotees may have harboured.

Already a contender for album of the year gongs en mass, ‘Turn Blue’ remains faithful to the Black Keys’ previous creations, whilst garnishing it with a welcome prescription of hallucinogen straight from the heaving bosom of Mother Ayahuasca.

Despite fears to the contrary, the irrepressible Black Keys have struck gold once again with a release that continues their uninterrupted rise. 



Written by Dom Kureen

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