Alternative Website of the Week: BrightBulb Design

Here at Kureen we endeavour to promote other companies and websites that seem to have gone under the radar – this week BrightBulb Design gets the treatment.

Life Skills Magazine: part of BrightBulb CEO Matt Jeffery's impressive portfolio.
Life Skills Magazine: part of BrightBulb CEO Matt Jeffery’s impressive portfolio.

Brightbulb Design is an Isle of Wight based graphic design and marketing studio that offers a range of design packages for businesses, individuals, start-ups and established companies, with the goal of meeting the varying needs of their clients. The company offers no obligation quotes on a project to project basis.

For businesses that don’t desire a permanent design team, BrightBulb’s out-of-house packages extend the option for 24/7 access to their own bespoke designer, with a selection of different price points available upon request.

With more than a decade of design experience under his belt, BrightBulb CEO and chief designer, Matthew Jeffery, has an extensive portfolio that can be viewed on the company’s website (see link below).

Having been heavily involved with the branding and re-branding of a slew of London transport companies, Matt has decided to break out on his own, and despite its relative infancy, BrightBulb Design has already gained a loyal and devoted following.

To take a look at BrightBulb’s portfolio, and find out more about the company that’s revolutionising design on the Isle of Wight CLICK HERE!



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