Featured charity – Isle of Wight Foodbank

With the British economy in a state of flux, more people than ever require assistance in order to receive adequate supplies of sustenance. A number of food banks have sought to address this issue by offering free food to those most in need.

The Isle of Wight itself has one such resource, the Isle of Wight food bank, which relies upon generous donations in terms of food, time and space to operate. The idea is that people truly on the bread line (no pun intended) are given tokens to exchange for a basic collection of food supplies.

The official Isle of Wight food bank website puts it in these words;

The Isle of Wight food bank provides emergency food and support to around 500 local people in crisis every month.

No Money + No Food = Crisis.

We are a registered charity seeded by The “Trussell Trust” and operate solely from public donations to provide food for those in need.

Every bit of food that is donated is then sorted at our warehouse and dealt out to our seven distribution centres across the Island. Front-line care professionals such as health visitors and the IOW Job Centre give food bank vouchers to people in crisis and these can be exchanged for three days worth of food at one of the distribution centres.

Our volunteers at our distribution centres will always take time to listen and signpost clients to further support. Thank you for visiting our website.

To find out more about Isle of Wight food bank click here to take a look at their website.



Written by Dom Kureen

As a young rapscallion stranded on an Island, my time is split between writing, performing spoken word, wrestling alligators and delivering uplifting pep talks to hairdressers before they prune me. I meditate and wash daily when possible.

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