Interviews with Creative Minds – No.6: Donna Jones MBE

Artist, entrepreneur, poet, fashionista, charitable Tour de Force and dog lover –  Donna Jones MBE is widely recognised as an integral branch of the Isle of Wight’s creative revolution.

That’s all well and good, but facing a grilling from DxK is another matter; how did one of the Isle of Wight’s premier prose practitioners fare in conversation with the gloriously coiffured stud muffin? And, more importantly, did a sweet pooch named Scoot’s snoring scupper the tranquility of the occasion? Listen and find out!


To get in contact with Donna either follow her Twitter, message her on Facebook or send her an email.

*Special thanks to Jodie, Sam and Brad (aka Ba.Dow) for granting permission for Kureen to use the track ‘In The Name’ in the piece.



Written by Dom Kureen

As a young rapscallion stranded on an Island, my time is split between writing, performing spoken word, wrestling alligators and delivering uplifting pep talks to hairdressers before they prune me. I meditate and wash daily when possible.

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