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Ask Jonathan Haynes *Video*

It was a series that promised to revolutionise the way television is made, only to be scuppered in its infancy¬†by an insider spilling the beans to the protagonist. Despite its brevity, Ask Jonathan Haynes made brought fame and fortune into the leading man’s path, with random ladies and gents from all around the globe approaching him to ask their one permitted question.



Following that intriguing pilot, a first episode premi√®red on British screens the following month, with audience figures of more than 32.9 million usurping Angie and Den’s 1986 Eastenders Christmas Day special as the most viewed British programme of all-time.


Jonathan with the fam
Before the fame Jonathan had an enjoyable upbringing

Regrettably, with Haynes now initiated, the project was abandoned within hours of airing, with street protests and burnt effigies failing to resurrect a show that was decades ahead of its time.


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Written by Dom Kureen

As a young rapscallion stranded on an Island, my time is split between writing, performing spoken word, wrestling alligators and delivering uplifting pep talks to hairdressers before they prune me. I meditate and wash daily when possible.