The top festivals which impact Airbnb prices the most

Airbnb owners are charging up to 105% more to stay at their properties during festival weekends, according to new research by

The study investigated the average nightly price of rentals on Airbnb over the dates and locations of the UK’s biggest festivals throughout 2021. The prices were then compared to the corresponding dates of the previous week to reveal which festivals increase Airbnb prices the most.

You can view the research in full online.



TRNSMT Festival sees Airbnb hosts in Glasgow charging more than twice as much for their rental properties (104.67% increase) during the festival in comparison to the week before.

TRNSMT is a non-camping festival, meaning alternative accommodation has to be found, which is presumably why it saw the greatest increase in Airbnb prices over the festival weekend.

In second place was Parklife, another festival taking place in a city-centre location with no camping available, so it is no surprise to see Airbnbs in Manchester being booked up quickly, despite increasing rental prices (90.53%).

Tramlines followed behind in 3rd position. The Sheffield based festival saw Airbnb rentals increasing their prices from £132 the week before the festival to £185 during the event, as once again no camping facilities were offered.



Written by Dom Kureen

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